About Us

Thanks for visiting our website at DAIRYLAND AUCTION LLC and GREAT RIVERS REALTY. We are a family owned and operated company being incorporated in 1970 by Mike and Sharon Frye with our office in Elroy, WI. Randy grew up at auctions and started to work full time in 1985. His wife, Kathy, joined the work force a few years later and has helped at the auctions and office when needed . At present time, their 3 teenage sons are learning, like Randy did, by helping at auctions.

We have during our many years of working full time in the auction and real estate business, strived to serve the public with skilled and experienced personal while conducting over 4000 auctions and 1000 real estate transactions of all kinds. The old saying that “experience is the best teacher” is true. Mike was raised on a 3 generation dairy farm in Southwest Wisconsin that is still a working family dairy farm. Using this knowledge of farming plus presently living on a farm, Mike has helped both the seller and buyer in transferring farm real estate, homes and personal property to new owners. Randy developed his knowledge and skills by working with his Dad while selling real estate and setting up auctions plus conducting the sales of millions of items that were sold during his many years of full time work. He enjoys talking to everyone about their personal collections of antiques and collectables and will give you his opinion on some values of items or what an item is if asked.

DAIRYLAND AUCTION LLC conducts all types of auctions including complete farm dispersals, business liquidations, estate, antique, household and real estate auctions on the sellers premises and at indoor sites. We work with the people and for the people, both buyer and seller, bringing them together by use of national advertising on the world wide web along with local advertising and antique publications, special brochures and mailing list.

As we look forward into the future, we recognize the change in the economy and how it is effecting farming, home purchases, types of real estate being offered for sale, types of auctions being conducted and the way we have to change with the times as we have in the past many years of business. We look forward to helping new cliental with their real estate and auction needs. Our work is a pleasure by sharing our skills, knowledge and stories with the many people we meet. If there are any questions on how we can help you with your real estate needs, appraisal or auctions, please contact us at anytime. Thanks and enjoy our website!



Mike Frye & Randy Frye; P.O. Box 118, Elroy, WI 53929
(608) 462-8218 Phone/Fax; Evenings (608) 463-7250, 463-7766